A14NEL and F17 remap

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I have a combination of A14NEL engine and F17 gearbox in Meriva B. EDS offers a remap that would get about 165HP and 265Nm. The team from EDS says that it will work ok, that there should be no problems. Meriva currently have 150,000km, is regularly maintained and the mechanic says everything under the hood is in very good condition.

What do you think, is it wise to make a remap considering that the car has 150k km and the gearbox according to the manufacturer can transmit 170Nm of torque?

The other thing that bothers me is, the car has 150k km, how will the turbine behave and how will it handle the extra load? The clutch has never been changed and is still in good condition, the least problem for me is if I have to change it earlier, but it bothers me how the whole set of clutches will cope with more power and torque.

In the end, I would make a remap only because the Meriva is quite heavy and it would be very good for me to have a little more power occasionally when overtaking and the like. So, I have no intention of harassing the car after the remap, I just want to have a slightly more agile engine.

Apologies for a long post :)



Schau mal hier: A14NEL and F17 remap . Dort wird jeder fündig!