Hello, And thanks in advice for everyone thats reading this and possibly trying to help.

I have recently bought astra G coupe turbo, with Z20let and speedometer wasnt working at all.

I have changed LEFT side front hub with ABS sensor, but no help.

light ABS, TC, Check engine ETC. are working properly
, so no warning lights ON when car is running.

From generic tester i got fault codes:

-C0035 - power circuit of the left front outer sensor - no ecu

-P0500 - Vehicle speed sensor: dysfunction - present

So before going to opel dealer, for opcom reading and paying another 50e, does anybody (like me) suspect that ABS unit is faulty?

Let me say also, that i have checked all the connections on tachometer, radio, wires at wheels, ABS unit connection ETC. TWO blue/red wires in the radio connector are cut off and sealed with tape.

IF i unplug the ABS sensor connector in wheel hub, ABS light stays on, so i dont believe there is any issues on that area.